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field working slow making: the certainty of connection

Artist statement produced as one of a series of foci on artists participating in the field working slow making exhibition at Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University.

First and last port of call

Catalogue essay for Portals: past present and future. A show featuring 23 emerging and established artists with work based on the port of Fremantle.

Artistic Practices and Ecoaesthetics in Post-sustainable Worlds 2015

Artistic Practices and Ecoaesthetics in Post-sustainable Worlds in Crouch, C. Kaye, N and Crouch, J. An introduction to sustainability and aesthetics: The arts and design for the environment (55-68) Boca Raton, Florida: Brown Walker Press.

The Generosity of the Ocean 2015

Short statement for City of Joondalup Community Invitational Art Award 2014

Networks and collaborations: Kynan Tan 2014

Networks and collaborations: Kynan Tan ArtSource Newsletter, August to November, 20-21. http://www.artsource.net.au/News-Print/Artist-Profiles/Kynan-Tan

Beautiful Vermin 2014

Beautiful Vermin (Review). Gallery Central, Perth 8 – 29 March 2014. Artlink, 34(2), 114-115.

Geology, art and imagination: creative propositions for visual representation and cultural narratives

A collaborative paper by Suzette Worden and Perdita Phillips seeking linkages between historical representations in geology and sound in the Anthropocene.

Artnotes WA correspondent for Art Monthly Australia March 2012 to present


Perdita Phillips – Sounding and thinking like an ecosystem (co-authored with Merle Patchett) 2013

Perdita Phillips and Merle Patchett (2013) Sounding and thinking like an ecosystem. Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. 27 114-128 http://www.antennae.org.uk/ANTENNAE%20ISSUE%2027.pdf

Observing Across scales 2013

Observing across scales: Broome Bird Observatory as a site of multiple exchanges (updated version with commentary on the image essay) published in Animal Studies Journal.

Walk ’til you run out of water 2012

An image essay on walking, environmental change and resilience beautifully published in Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts

Fieldwork with bowerbirds 2012

An image essay written for Merle Patchett’s Alternative Ornithologies themed issue of Antennae.

Tarsh Bates: profile

written for ArtSource summer newsletter in 2012.

The summer flurries catalogue statement 2011

A short text written about the summer flurries work which was destined for the Visceral catalogue.

Observing across scales 2010

An image essay on Broome Bird Observatory. It was originally selected for publication in a proposed journal issue about animals and place.

the case of the lengthening legs 2010

An essay about the invasion of northern Australia by cane toads presented at the Animal Movements Animal Motions conference. A slightly shorter version was published in J. Bull 2000 (Ed.), Animal Movements • Moving Animals: essays on direction, velocity and agency in humanimal encounters (pp. 161-195). Uppsala: Uppsala University.

clotted life and brittle waters 2010

An image essay on The Sixth Shore spatial sound project and the relationship between art and the geological and geomorphological knowledge about Lake Clifton. The text explores the intersection of art and ecosystemic thinking and complexity.

Why unruly? 2010

Written for the unruly ecologies: biodiversity and art symposium Friday 26 November to Sunday 28 November 2010, it was a short speculation on takng on an unbalanced ecology might affect our understandings of ecology and environmentalism.

artist page and article proposal: fieldwork and performance 2009

The text of an artist’s page and article proposal for a 2009 publication (currently seeking a publishing outlet).

resilience 2007

Some short notes about developing a sustainable practice (in more than just one way) for the ArtSource Newsletter March 2007: Resilience (art and environments).

fieldwork/fieldwalking PhD thesis 2006

A low resolution version of the PhD thesis. Bona fide researchers can contact the artist for a full copy free of charge.

A recipe for bad environmental art 2005

A pdf of the short text originally published in Artlink:

Anonymous Artist (who has made both good and bad environmental art). (2005). A recipe for bad environmental art. Artlink, 25(3 Stirring), 27.

Doing art and doing cultural geography 2003

An image essay (in its initial configuration) written at the beginning of the PhD for the Australian Geographer.

Objects in the field Master of Arts thesis 1999

Musings on objects, environments and ephemerality written at a time when the artist’s practice was being destroyed by her studies.