details of unconforming works; the geological aesthetic

A series of works with linkages to the geological.


a surface of contact between two groups of unconformable strata

When deposition stopped, an interval of erosion removes some of the previously deposited rock, and finally deposition was resumed

Relevant texts:

Cutler, A. (2020) Thinking like a fossil: encounters with Perdita Phillips’ problematica. Lethologica Press.

Online exhibition and publication Tectonics: bringing together artistic practices united by lithic thinking beyond human scales: Nga tohu o te huarere: Conversations beyond human scales conference, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aoteoroa/New Zealand

Why Unruly? Short text in relation to the unruly ecologies conference curated by the artist for SymbioticA: Friday 26 November to Sunday 28 November 2010 at the Western Australian Museum, Perth Cultural Centre, Law Lecture Theatre, The University of Western Australia and Lake Clifton, Mandurah

Random thoughts on geoaesthetics

My interest is in small-scale change and for some time I have been grappling with how to use geological metaphors to make connections between people, ecosystems and physical processes, that might unravel some of the more intractable ecological issues that surround us. How can ‘natural’ change processes alert us to our own hubris at the same time as providing us with space to imagine new environmental futures? The current state of affairs in society today asks for critical hope in a time of uncertainty. We are living in a time “pregnant with risks as well as generative opportunities.” How can we take advantage of disastrous circumstances to reroute some of our preconceptions and cultural blockages?