shy (dissolution + exchange) up to number 15

We have crossed the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans and are hopefully somewhere over the Pacific heading for New Zealand. Here is Floki Gauvry’s envelope We have acquired scratches and stripes from various photocopiers and the right wing has faded to black. Onward progress…     (details of project here http://www.perditaphillips.com/portfolio/shy-dissolution-exchange/)

Shy (dissolution + exchange) — needed 25 more participants!

  Wanted: 25 extra people in the southern hemisphere for a photocopy/mail art project called Shy (dissolution + exchange). This is a project that I had in proposal form a few years ago (kinda this one http://www.perditaphillips.com/proposition-2-dissolution-of-the-southern-skies-2) for the exhibition called Melbourne 2010: How Can a Network….? . It’s now been revamped as I am …

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