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Anchor graveyard

  The Cemitério das Âncoras (The Anchor Graveyard) on Ilha de Tavira (Algarve, Portugal) holds the remains of large anchors which apparently formed the weights for large nets (the technique of “armações de atum” invented by the Phoenicians). The nearby town of Tavira was historically devoted to tuna fishing before the industry’s declined and collapsed.

touched by fire

  I bought this beautiful book by Martin d’Orgeval The images come from a famous Paris taxidermy shop that was consumed by fire. This is one of the insect drawers. d’Orgeval, M. (2009). Touched by Fire. Gottingen: Steidl.

SwapORamaRama in Perth

  For those sick of what’s in the wardrobe this is a restyling and reconfiguring clothes event to be held on 5 December at City Farms… The concept is discussed here