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2013 scribble

Two rocks sit on my shelf in a Chinese box, reminding me of 2013 travels

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the Cloud Capped Peak

Detail of the 6.5 metre high Cloud Capped Peak from the Lingering Garden (Liu Yuan), Suzhou.

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WassinkLundgren, Empty Bottles

  WassinkLundgren, Empty_Bottles, C-Print, 2005 WassinkLundgren (b. Holland) : Empty Bottles Solo Exhibition Jun 20 – 10 Aug, 2009 ‘Empty Bottles’ 2005, WassinkLundgren, winner of the 2007 Arles Contemporary Book Award, is a collaboration between two young Dutch artists working with photography, Groot Wassink (b. 1981 The Netherlands) and Ruben Lundgren (b. 1983 The Netherlands). […]

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