things in places; abandoned, decayed, retrieved — landscapes

Tiny SD video of one of 44 objects stranded in the walkingcountry, Kimberley of Western Australia 2003-2006 during the fieldwork/fieldwalking PhD. This one was the brides maid’s dress from the artist’s mother’s wedding.


something left without the means to move from somewhere to elsewhere. The processes of decay and change. The chance that you won’t be able to find it again — that it won’t be there when you return.

44 objects stranded in the walkingcountry

Western Australia: An Atlas of Human Endeavour; the federal government pamphlets Violence Against Women: Australia Says No and Strengthening Medicare; black velvet pillow with Uluru, a kangaroo and a joey on it; a 1960s bridesmaid’s dress, a child’s Red Indian costume, an old watch – display still working but crazy numbers; a green velvet ribbon; a reproduction of a Leonardo da Vinci pencil sketch of a young man; a labcoat; four plastic souvenir kangaroos; a children’s jigsaw board; a half-finished watercolour; two halves of a grey blanket, a visual diary written in a yellow survey notebook, a gazetteer from an Australian atlas, two disposable paper palettes, a blanket with the pastel colours of the Kimberley; a pair of grasses (sic); some bandages; a long fabric sticky bandaid; a Hula skirt that belonged to my nanna who wore it at ukulele concerts in the 1920s; 18 books in transit including an oxford dictionary; The man who mistook his wife for a hat by Oliver Sachs and Labyrinths by Borges; 6 buried blank books, a road atlas of Perth; two tents; a paper theatrical backdrop; a leather cut-out of two skeletons and a replica of a flayed human body skin; two Nikon lens caps – one found and one lost; 20 pairs of shoes; a rubber mattress; some socks; work gloves; a broken folding chair; a book eaten by fake termites; some sticks from an old sculpture; and a backpack.