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Shy (dissolution + exchange) copyright Perdita Phillips

Shy (dissolution + exchange)

 watchthisdoesntgeteliminated Shy (dissolution + exchange) 2012–2013 conceptual mail art project inimitables {other details} Artwork, image and photography copyright © Perdita Phillips network In collaboration with 62 people around the southern hemisphere Conceptual mail art project. Size variable: wall work 147 x 267cm  edition 1/1 $3300 photocopies, animated GIF, envelopes, table, 63 participants Project: Propositions 2010 …

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shy (dissolution + exchange) by Perdita Phillips

Shy (dissolution + exchange)

A network of mail artists, contemporary artists and non-artists in Australia, South Africa, Botswana, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand transferred the image of the Shy Albatross across the southern hemisphere. The albatross dissolves as it is repeatedly photocopied around the world. As the image decays a network is made and the imprint of a bird that migrates around the earth, reminding us of the borderless nature of the Southern Ocean.