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an image of the book cover at Lake Clifton

fossil III

A book about calcium carbonate and the Swan Coastal Plain, from thrombolites to Banksia woodlands, as part of Lost Rocks by A Published Event

Banksia grandis in woodland

OCBILs, YODFELs and Biodiversity in Art

OCBILs, YODFELs and Biodiversity in Art was a lecture given at the Art Gallery of Western Australia on 9 December 2016. The talk’s text and images will be uploaded here.

claws clasping the capture bag

Fieldwork with bowerbirds (as submitted)

        Fieldwork with bowerbirds was written for the Alternative Ornithologies issue of Antennae curated by Merle Patchett. It details working with living birds at Broome Bird Observatory. The version attached below has the original images and layout. A high quality version of this file is available on request. ggods3screenquality

muddy footprints at Lake Clifton

why unruly?

An argument against a ‘balanced’ nature