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what was and what could have been for the Here&Now 2018 show

Kawaakare -- glow of a river in the darkness; surface of a river gleaming in the darkness; gleam on a river at dusk


Mail art project: mixed media collages and digital inkjet prints. Darkness, the river, peristaltic waves

shy (dissolution + exchange) by Perdita Phillips

Shy (dissolution + exchange)

A network of mail artists, contemporary artists and non-artists in Australia, South Africa, Botswana, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand transferred the image of the Shy Albatross across the southern hemisphere. The albatross dissolves as it is repeatedly photocopied around the world. As the image decays a network is made and the imprint of a bird that migrates around the earth, reminding us of the borderless nature of the Southern Ocean.

the summer flurries by Perdita Phillips

The summer flurries

GPS based spatial sound walk. An outdoor site-specific spatial sound art walk as part of The Sixth Shore project, hosted by SymbioticA 2009-2010. It presented a landscape of droughts, dry lakes and wildfires from Lake Clifton in Western Australia, as Dublin’s antipodean alter ego

Field sampling

Field sampling

Mixed media collage. Into a Compass artist’s book #7

Into a Compass

Into a Compass

Mixed media collage. Into a Compass artist’s book #6

hands and scales

dig profile

Mixed media collage. Into a Compass artist’s book #3