Relationships: the nonhuman

mixed media and watercolour drawing showing a detail of a female caranabys cockatoo head

208 x forgiveness?

Specimens are dissected and fragmented. Land is cut and disassembled. What kind of apology can we offer?

Deep Sea (neuroscience will not be the explanation of everything)

Deep Sea

When the Deep Sea tells us that neuroscience will not be the explanation of everything. 6 digital prints on paper

termite eaten romance novel

Tender Leavings

fragments from below. Multimedia installation with love and termites

the summer flurries by Perdita Phillips

The summer flurries

GPS based spatial sound walk. An outdoor site-specific spatial sound art walk as part of The Sixth Shore project, hosted by SymbioticA 2009-2010. It presented a landscape of droughts, dry lakes and wildfires from Lake Clifton in Western Australia, as Dublin’s antipodean alter ego

Tate Modern

pale tulips

Digital inkjet print on paper. Outside the Tate Britain, the last of the season’s tulips



Digital inkjet print on paper. Two holes