Relationships: fieldwork

an image of the book cover at Lake Clifton

fossil III

A book about calcium carbonate and the Swan Coastal Plain, from thrombolites to Banksia woodlands, as part of Lost Rocks by A Published Event

follow the water

Following the drains and ditches of Albany in search of porous repair in Anthropocene times. Walking, listening, cyanotypes, eventual book.

a hand holds a piece of paper at the top of a mountain

We must catch up

Fieldwork/Performance/Installation. Bular Mial (Bluff Knoll) and slow conversations looking for undercurrents.

a pair of brown hands

geologist series

Digital inkjet print on archival paper. Images derived from a collaborative mapping project with a geologist. They capture the geologist’s bodily gestures acting out the process of mapping: how the geology of the Kimberley valley fits together or grasping a delicate flower husk



Video installation. Dark walk through spinfex, Hyptis suaveolens and spiders webs



Video installation. A figure in a lab coat sleepwalks back and forth across a circular nightscape. The images were filmed using an enhanced night vision scope

Field sampling

Field sampling

Mixed media collage. Into a Compass artist’s book #7