Relationships: exchange

a hand holds a piece of paper at the top of a mountain

We must catch up

Fieldwork/Performance/Installation. Bular Mial (Bluff Knoll) and slow conversations looking for undercurrents.

handkerchiefs on a table

doing so that (tie a knot in it, the world is a handkerchief, a pile of promises)

Exchange project with 250 handkerchiefs. Part of the .–. / .- / .- penguin anticipatory archive project that was was based around the Little Penguin colony at Manly, Sydney. Each handkerchief had a label with the words: .– …. .- – / -.. — . … / .- / .–. . -. –. ..- .. -. / .– .- -. – They could be taking by the audience, but in order to accept a handkerchief participants were asked to make an assurance

things transferred (difficult questions raised by complex systems) by Perdita Phillips

things transferred (difficult questions raised by complex systems)

Attendees of the Environmental Utterances Conference in Cornwall were invited to interact with a series of questions and images about nonhuman communication and knowing your local place. These were printed on placemats at the conference’s main meal event. The meal proceeded, comments were registered and the placemats were mailed back in Australia.