Relationships: art and science

an image of the book cover at Lake Clifton

fossil III

A book about calcium carbonate and the Swan Coastal Plain, from thrombolites to Banksia woodlands, as part of Lost Rocks by A Published Event



digital inkjet print. Spaces between atoms, Helskini



digital inkjet print Abandoned on a shelf, a molecular model

chimeric portrait by Perdita Phillips

Chimeric Portraits

Inkjet print on archival paper. In these works four anonymous staff/students at the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences were interviewed about their work and studies, their contact with animals and their private goals and dreams. The works were hung opposite four photographs of their workplaces so that viewers attempted to puzzle out which office belonged to which person

the world of things is too full

The world has no shortage of things (the world of the Great Bowerbird)

Mixed media sound installation with found objects. Two shelves are positioned opposite each other in a secluded corridor. A Great Bowerbird and samples of objects collected by wild birds, face a collection of grey geometric shapes. The opposing displays are accompanied by intense bowerbird calls on the one hand and taxonomic descriptions of the birds on the other. The entire gallery echoes with a soundscape of the world of the bowerbird from the Broome Bird Observatory



Video installation. Dark walk through spinfex, Hyptis suaveolens and spiders webs



Video installation. A figure in a lab coat sleepwalks back and forth across a circular nightscape. The images were filmed using an enhanced night vision scope

pasteur synecdoche by Perdita Phillips

Pasteur. Synecdoche.

Laboratory glassware and found objects. The Pasteur. Synecdoche. work consists of 142 glass bottles, which have been sealed in the same manner as Pasteur’s famous experiments proving the microbial origin of decay. Inside each of the bottles are found postcards or photographs, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s. The subject matter of the images is most often rural and “natural” images of the United States