Relationships: 2006

Macropus eugenii (tammar wallaby) by by Perdita Phillips

Macropus eugenii (tammar wallaby)

Installation. In an exhibition whose theme was mapping the radio tracking data of a two tammar wallabies on Garden Island off the coast of Perth are reproduced as a floor map. The blue (female) and aqua (male) marks are technologically mediated signatures at 1:100 scale

lenticular 3d by Perdita Phillips

lenticular 3d works

Digital print and lenticular 3d images mounted on aluminium. Combined with digital prints on the left, four different states to be captured on the right hand sides of these artworks using lenticular 3d technology

night vision

Digital print on archival paper. Six images of Camp 51 in the walkingcountry.

compass at blacksoil (wet and dry)

Compass (blacksoil)

Digital print and lenticular 3d images on aluminium. A compass appears and disappears



Digital print and lenticular 3d images on aluminium. Boots and sandals

a pair of brown hands

geologist series

Digital inkjet print on archival paper. Images derived from a collaborative mapping project with a geologist. They capture the geologist’s bodily gestures acting out the process of mapping: how the geology of the Kimberley valley fits together or grasping a delicate flower husk



Video installation. Dark walk through spinfex, Hyptis suaveolens and spiders webs



Video installation. A figure in a lab coat sleepwalks back and forth across a circular nightscape. The images were filmed using an enhanced night vision scope

Ash (Tracks)

Digital print and lenticular 3d images on aluminium. The remains of fires

Vocal Territorialisation with yellow spurs

Vocal Territories

Digital inkjet print on paper. Documentation from a walking art project: nonhuman