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is pollen affect?

“is pollen affect?” is something I wrote in a playful reverie/fugue
pollen reverie

pollen count

A pollen drawing… Thinking about what pollen means for a collaborative project.

pollen thoughts 27-12-13

social plastic

A small snippet here of trying to monetise plastic. An economic method but it does tackle the issue of value: http://plasticbank.org/

How does it work? The organization sets up special repurposing centers in countries where there’s an abundance of both plastic waste and poverty. Locals then trade in recyclable plastic — harvested from land, waterways and oceans — in exchange for education, micro-credit loans, tools, household items and 3-D printing.

Maria Carter http://earth911.com/work/the-plastic-bank/

eeks– have to raise money

I have to raise 3000 euros for The Clipperton Expedition to South Georgia as well as pay a $1500 fee, buy wet weather clothes and get a return airfare to the Falklands…

the Cloud Capped Peak

the Cloud Capped Peak

Detail of the 6.5 metre high Cloud Capped Peak from the Lingering Garden (Liu Yuan), Suzhou.

penguin POV

penguin underneath

Detail of one of the hand drawn images from the  –. / .- / .- (penguin anticipatory archive) 2013 (for a description of the project see https://www.perditaphillips.com/current-projects/16_1_1project/

Mixed media drawings and digital prints (work in progress, ink on tracing paper) 31.5 x 31.5 x 4.0 cm

looking for a Sámi Corral

Watch out for Norwegian Whirlpools
Whilst looking for a Sámi Corral we came across a Norwegian hydroelectric pumping station.

Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up

Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up.

unknown source

Time and Landscape: what it would mean to visit the North Pole

As part of Field_Notes – Deep Time in Finland (see (http://bioartsociety.fi/deep_time/). I was keen to visit the North Pole to do some sound recording.

North Pole


Google maps can’t calculate a route between North Pole and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station. The North Pole I am referring to is the famous stromatolite site in the Pilbara of Western Australia, situated 12544 km southeast of Käsivarrentie. Here the Dresser Formation of the Warrawoona Group (of Archaean age, approximately 3500 million years old), contain evidence of very early forms of life. Opinions differ, but these stromatolites formed either around an Archaean hot spring (chemosynthesizers) or in shallow saline waters (photosynthesizers). These traces of life have lasted far longer than anything human culture will leave behind.

Shaw RIver


I wanted to visit the site in August but time is pressing and unfortunately the application process for visiting the site is quite involved so I will have to arrange to go there later in the year.

The Ocean

A potential image for the  .–. / .- / .- project


The Ocean