zoo for the species

war memorial at the Midland Railway Workshops
zoo for the species 2003 sound and walking project with sound installation spatial project
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips to walk
7 track x 11 minute audio installation
Project: fieldwork/fieldwalking 20032006 the walkingcountry, Perth
Project: Zoo for the Species 2003 Perth and Midland Railway Workshops
Exhibition: fieldwork/fieldwalking 2006 Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle
Exhibition: National Review of Live Art 2003 Midland Railway Workshops, Midland


This work connects animal emotions with walking the space of Perth as part of the this walking thing theme of National Review of Live Art at the abandoned Midland Railway Workshops in 2003. Graffiti in the workshop often related to animals. What interested the artist iwas recalling some of the many anecdotes about animal emotions as a (spoken) undercurrent in the piece.

Bellevue chemical fire site

Bellvue chemical contamination

rainbow lorikeets overhead

Perth Airport (en route from Cloverdale)

7 walks were undertaken starting at places representing 7 basic emotions thought to be experienced by animals. These included Joy Street, Dianella, the Fury Oil Company, Bayswater, Albrecht Fear Real Estate, Swanbourne and Love Street, Cloverdale.

lone pine memorial

Lone Pine Memorial Park walk.


Dianella (from grief)

urban bushland

Kangaroo Paw (from Joy)


from Albrecht Fear Real Estate Agency

animal under the fence

under the fence at the back of the workshops

It was presented at Midland along the outside of the 100 metre long workshop which viewers walked along to hear the piece (a second showing saw it being reconfigured for the Moores Building in Fremantle).

abandoned workshop

abandoned interior (research documentation) at the Midland railway workshops.

site of the seven speakers

Each of the lights along the bays of the Workshop marks one of the seven external speaker