Wonder, curiosity, truth, belief

An artist’s intention might be to provoke a sense of wonder rather than search for a particular truth or follow a belief… both [art and science] fields rely on experimentation to forge new ways of explaining things about the world. Nevertheless art and science differ fundamentally because (I believe) art tends to extrapolate wonder whilst science pushes beyond it. Through experimentation, science proves or disproves belief systems whilst art seeks an aesthetic response that remains open-ended… Perdita Phillips’ digital photographs Night Visions are of a field trip and attempts to merger scientific and artistic methodologies…The cross-overs and connections between the different artworks about the creation of the universe and our place within it evoke unity through diversity far greater, or more powerfully than individual artworks, cultures or fields of knowledge could possibly do. (Bovell, 2008, pp. 4-6)

Penny Bovell comments on works in the Cosmology Gallery at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin, 2008.

Bovell, P. (2008). Wonder, Curiosity, Truth, Belief. In The Cosmology Gallery: Unity through diversity in a vast and awe inspiring universe (pp. 4-7). Gingin, W.A.: Gravity Discovery Centre Foundation.