Von Bibra’s alarm

Von Bibra's alarm
Von Bibra’s alarm 20/6/2010 digital inkjet print environment
Artwork, image and photography copyright
© Perdita Phillips
Digital print 198 x 297 mm edition 7/7 available $440.00
digital print on archival paper
climate change, wetlands, multiples


This alarm clock was found in the sand on the banks* of Lake Bibra, Western Australia. It was probably part of the rubbish used to fill in the west side of the lake to build a playground and barbecue area. It was dug up when new pipes were being laid for the lawn reticulation system. Lake Bibra is part of a string of lakes (the Beeliar wetland chain) dependent on regional groundwater inflow from the east. The annual cycle of filling and emptying over the year is also influenced by local changes in land use since 1829. Groundwater levels have dropped significantly since 1992*
reflecting longer term climate change and extraction effects on the Jandakot Mound (the regional groundwater resource) and possible local impacts from increased groundwater extraction for ovals, farms, lawns and gardens nearby.

*The impressive retaining wall built on this side of the lake for the parkland area stops long necked tortoises from leaving the lake at the end of winter/spring to aestivate in the surrounding woodland.

*There was a report here that talked about groundwater changes http://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/Council_Services/Engineering_Services/Community_Consultation_and_Notification/1175-cco08_006.01-bibra-lake-land-rec-and-env-plan-v2.pdf [!sigh! dead link]