Underfoot: sTrAtA (2023)

a portion of a grey print covered in reddish ochres above a plinth with two roughly hewn ceramic spoons
Nien Schwarz, Annette Nykiel and I came together in this exhibition about what is underfoot: exploring stratigraphy, deep time and biota. It took place at Gallery152, York, Western Australia April 1-26 2023.
Walking and observing what is underfoot form the backbone of the prints by Perdita. She has been experimenting in the studio with overlaying digital prints onto stabilised soil surfaces. The nature of the process means each print is unique. Timefulness brings together deep time, weathering and the comparatively ephemeral time of living things. A collection of found photographs of farm houses has been printed over soil from the Dryandra area in the wheatbelt anticipatory archive III.
The works Underfoot: sTrAtA (oblique veins) (collaboration with Schwarz and Nykiel) slough and pelt were also on show.