Timebrook detail of railing
Timebrook 2002 Community public art project commissions
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips network
Produced for the Shire of Kalamunda in collaboration with workshop participants
Railing 40 cm wide and 18 m long Hartfield Park, Forrestfield
Jetty 1.5 m wide and 20 m long
Laser cut mild steel and recycled timber


Community art project in the Shire of Kalamunda. Working with the firm W. Hardman Architect a jetty was designed and a sculpture created in mild steel to function as a railing. The sculpture was installed in a local artificial wetland overlooking a revegetated island between the Yule Brook and Woodlapine Brook water catchments


Timebrook wildlife viewing platform


The work incorporated designs derived from community participants on the themes of momentos from the past, vegetation from the existing bushland surrounding the lake, and daydreams for the future.

detail of tortoise panel


As you walked out on the jetty the laser cut images between the posts progressed from the past to the future.

sunset shapes