The colour of dust (the colour of fire)

The colour of dust (the colour of fire)
The colour of dust (the colour of fire) 2020 mobile multiples
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips environment
300 x 250 x 2 cm $2200
acrylic on cardboard
Exhibition: Stuff 2020 Gallery Central, Perth

Everything is connected, everything is changing

A work shown in the exhibition Stuff at Gallery Central, Perth

Artist statement

This work on recycled cardboard attempts to capture the zeitgeist of the Australian summer of 2019-2020: I was in New Zealand in December and saw the sky’s light turn yellow. I saw a headline from an online article in Scientific American that resonated with what I was feeling. Whilst much of the impact of drought and fire has occurred in the eastern states, the fine suspended particulates from the fires have dispersed eastward around the world and back again.
Marvel, K. (2019). This was the decade we knew we were right: Everything is connected, and everything is changing. Scientific American. Retrieved from Scientific American Blog Network website:
The colour of dust (the colour of fire)