The burden of an action that now appears unwise

The burden of an action that now appears unwise 2013 drawing installation environment
Artwork, image and photography copyright © Perdita Phillips inimitables
diptych with pieces 1.9 x 2.65 m $4400
ink and collaged blue envelopes
Project: fast|slow|complex 20122013 Fremantle and East Fremantle
Exhibition: Bunbury Biennale 2013 2013 Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Bunbury

Welcome to the Anthropocene: overcome with mountains of stuff we face a larger challenge as our consumption overwhelms the once glacial slowness of geological processes.

The diagrams used as the source imagery in this work show the typical geomorphological features before and after the retreat of a glacier. The envelopes used in this drawing installation are from bills, bank statements and letters received by the artist.