Termite Project (Homesickness) Drawing


termitaria project (homesickness) drawing
1996-2000 Mixed media drawing on paper the nonhuman
Termitaria Artwork, image and photography copyright © Perdita Phillips inimitables
Detail. Whole drawing Approximately 2.4 m wide by 1.5 m high $3300.00
Mixed media drawing on archival paper
Project: Termitaria 1996-2001
Exhibition: 12 (Connected) 2000 Moores Building, Old Customs House Artists Exhibition, Fremantle Festival, Fremantle
Exhibition: Cossack Art Prize
2000 Cossack, the Pilbara
termites, network, drawing, knowledge



The entire Termitaria project was documented in an on-going mixed media drawing. This drawing showed the connections between the different ideas and manifestations of the project and was encrusted with collected termite ephemera in organic/diaristic fashion.