Termite embassy


Termite Embassy, Fitzroy Gardens

Termite Embassy 2015 eclogue eclogues
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips environment
In collaboration with the Isopteran universe


size variable, 30 minutes duration
papermache and cardboard
Project: Termite Embassy 2015 Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
Exhibition: AININ 2° as part of ArtCop21 2015 Worldwide
Exhibition: Incinerator Art Award 2017 Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds, Victoria

29 November 2015: A moment’s intervention in the indifferent fabric of human worlds. What would a termite say about negotiations in Paris as part of COP21? Would they be relieved that humans have decided that termites are not the largest or most significant source of methane in the atmosphere? Would they be annoyed at the lack of progress by a species that purports to be the epitome of rational behavour? Would they do it better? What would their plan of action be?

The Termite Manifesto

termite manifesto (untranslated)


Termite Embassy, Fitzroy Gardens

Termite Embassy, Fitzroy Gardens, 2015

Termite Embassy, Incinerator Art Award

Termite Embassy, Incinerator Art Award, 2017