strange strolls walking art project 2004-2005


one thousand photographs of the streets of Fremantle by Perdy, Nyanda and Minaxi

A walking project by Perdita Phillips in association with the Fremantle City Council

14 Australian and International Artists/Teams created 30 minute sound adventures as part of Fremantle Festival 2005. The sound recordings were on offer to visitors of the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery from November 18 to December 18 2005. Audiences picked up a standard CD walkman from the Gallery and headed out into the streets of the West End of the port suburb (Fremantle) of Perth, Western Australia. The viewer/listener was taken away from the everyday by the sound experience created. The stories that the artists share may be about the historic associations of what they pass and the ‘psychic vibrations’ that still emanate, or may be about something radically different from the surroundings.

The catalogue from the show is available from Lethological Press for $11.00 GST plus postage. It contained a catalogue essay, Walking the Strange City, by Nyanda Smith, statements from all artists, and 4 minutes sound samples of each work.

Artists: Begum Basdas (Turkey/USA) Viv Corringham (England/USA) Robert Curgenven (NT) Lawrence English (QLD) Aaron Coates Hull (NSW) Maria Manuela Lopes and Paulo Bernardino (Portugal) Minaxi May (WA) Roxane Permar (Shetland) Perdita Phillips (WA) Ric Spencer (WA) Kieran Stewart (WA) Aili Vahtrapuu and Virve Pulver (Estonia) Walter van Rijn (England/The Netherlands) Dorothee von Rechenberg (Switzerland).