network 2
Network 2 2002 Mixed media drawing on paper with cut sections inimitables
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips network

approx 2 m x 3 m $3300 each
versions in blue, ochre, black, red
Project: Spiral Walk 2002 Weil am Rhein, Germany, Huningue, France, Kleinhüningen, Switzerland
Exhibition: Passing Place 2002 Kasselhaus, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Exhibition: OCH04 2003 Old Customs House, Fremantle
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Four large drawings make up the work, Network. The works were done as part of the AFWA Basel exchange residency in Germany. These mixed media drawings in blue, red, ochre and black were first created as autonomous images before being hand cut into organic networks.

network wall

The negative images formed from their discarded fragments have also been reassembled into mirror images of the tracings. The intention was to explore the kinds of networks that grow between people, and between individuals and places, when one moves to a new environment.

network 1 detail

Detail approximately 30 cm high x 45 cm wide