Natura Autem Vivit, Sed Occisio de Felibus

Natura autem vivit, sed occisio de felibus
Natura Autem Vivit, Sed Occisio de Felibus2019cyanotype printmultiples
  Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillipsrisk
114 x 152 cm (framed) edition 2/3 available$2200 each
unique state cyanotype print  
Exhibition: City of Joondalup 2019 Invitational Art Prize 2019Hillarys, Western Australia 
Collection: City of Joondalup2019Joondalup, Western Australia 

Cyanotypes are an early photographic technique invented by astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842. Paper is sensitised and then exposed to sunlight to turn uncovered areas of the image blue. Here, natural materials including bones have been combined with hand-drawn stencils. Quendas were once found throughout the southwest of Australia. But, unlike many other local marsupials, they still survive in pockets in the urban areas of Perth. Nature is alive, but [for] the killing of cats.

With thanks to the Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park and photographer Gary Tate.