Lake Deborah
O 1996 Documentation of site specific installations eclogues
moon mirrors Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips network
28 mirrors approx 30 cm high $3300
framed cibachromes diptychs 41 x 32 cm $330
chromed corrugated metal, 29 x 2 pairs cibachrome prints
Exhibition: O 1996 The Moores Building, Fremantle

Smoke Creek sands (before and after)

The moon mirrors are corrugated chrome cut out to resemble the phases of the moon. The project was an examination of the powers of distortion and semblance, of holding mirrors up to nature. The pieces were photographed against the non-human environment. The photographs were paired and exhibited for every day of the lunar cycle. However, the reflections captured were distorted and never perfect, and thus parallel the contested boundary between definitions of natural and non-natural. The corrugated surfaces of the mirrors consciously echoed Australian vernacular architecture, but were at the same time a modern super-smooth mimeo-type of their surroundings.  
Smoke Creek (bed)

Smoke Creek (bed)