Mine Own Executioner (2008)

This annual self portrait exhibition held at the Mundaring Arts Centre always stretches the boundary of what it means to portray your identity. Curated in 2008 by Peter Dailey, the artists contribution, Drawing, from the beginning (portrait as a network outside of the self), involved hours of patient cutting and trimming followed by the delicate process of hanging the work.

Catalogue statement:

I approached this work thinking about the recurrence of maps in my life – how I always seem to find these abandoned objects in my travels – and how both new routes and recurrent paths cycled through persistence and decay. Moreover a peculiar habit that I have always had is the drawing of networks. Like an unconscious shorthand, it is the finger tracing paths in the life-world. In this case what became more interesting was the spaces between the network or the connections one makes in the external world. How many millions of plants and animals, bacteria and fungi might be under one’s hand at any moment? In how many countries are people at war and how many islands might one day disappear under rising sea levels?