Karri King

Karri King
Karri King 2014 mixed media drawing inimitables
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips network
56 x 76 cm $660
Project: Karri Kings 2014 Pemberton, Western Australia
Exhibition: Canopy — into the forest 2014 Mundaring Arts Center, Western Australia

A drawing that took on a life of its own. It is based on a photograph by Frank Hurley of the 32 metre long Karri Log in Kings Park, probably taken not long after it was installed in 1958. The tree was estimated as being 363 years old when it was felled. It was transported to Perth’s premier park overlooking the city where it was installed within sight of a landscape of human war memorials.

Hurley’s image was over exposed and the negative had over time been badly damaged. What became overpowering was a broad network of cracks and a beautiful fine filigree of organic markings on the negative.

See review by Laetitia Wilson.