invisible monsters: A tour of Perth’s underground pollution


invisible monsters
invisible monsters 2018 performative event and guidebook multiples
A tour of Perth’s underground pollution Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips fieldwork


half day tour and 24 page digitally printed guidebook
participants, paper, pollution, information, maps, brass rubbings, finger food and non-alcoholic cocktails
Project: both/and 2017 on
Exhibition: Unfettered 2018 Cullity Gallery, The University of Western Australia


follow the groundwater

If you are looking for a half day of whining, groaning and toxic connectedness then this tour for you! On this enchanting excursion you will be swept away by the overwhelming beauty of what cannot be seen. Visit the former gasworks of East Perth and hear about the tale of Turfmasters and hexazinone in the northern suburbs. The tour will conclude with sunset at picturesque Port Beach — gazing over the offshore petroleum hydrocarbon contamination as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.

A post conference tour as part of Quite Frankly on 20 October 2018.