-ing-weeding 2016 performative event inimitables
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips fieldwork
In collaboration with 6 volunteer weeders


variable – 3 hour performance $3300
weeding booklet 21 x 14.8 cm
Project: -ing 20162016 inner Perth wetlands


This ecosocial action was part of the Know Thy Neighbour project with Spaced

Weeding is ‘less sexy’ than planting. What does it take to commit to sharing your labour, helping a local conservation group for an act of maintaining and sustaining? Be a part of a care project for the inner city wetlands of Perth.

here we are with CBCG

Six volunteers were trained to work as weeders for the Claise Brook Catchment Group’s Saturday morning weeding session at Robertson Park on 3 September 2016. A weeding booklet was generated. Postcards were distributed to ‘unknowing bystanders’ living or working nearby: those who did not take part in the weeding, but who benefit from the action.

The –ing essay by Dr Nien Schwarz describes the project further.

You can see a catalogue of the entire Know Thy Neighbour project, including Schwarz’s essay (pages 36 to 45) and also Charity begins at home: reflections on Know Thy Neighbour by Gemma Weston (pages 10 to 15) here.


the grab

This project would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of the Claise Brook Catchment Group www.cbcg.org.au.
-ing-weeding is presented as a part of International Art Space’s Know Thy Neighbour program
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