-ing, an essay by Nien Schwarz


An essay on the -ing project about carrying and weeding that was undertaken as part of the know thy neighbour project by Spaced.

Deliberately, however slowly, Phillips’ projects such as –ing cultivate a sense of belonging and caring. –ing inspires awareness of natural networks and systems beneath our individual and collective ecological footprint. –ing interrogates what sustainability is by returning to the hard questions we face in entangled times. The –ing project is equally about actions, states, and occurrences — of perception and movement — of walking, wading, watching, wondering, weeding, worrying and wording: small collective actions of community-based caring amount to environmental stewardship.

Download web version of essay (with extra images!) here (4.4 Mb)

Schwarz, N. (2017). -ing. Retrieved from http://www.perditaphillips.com/portfolio/ing-an-essay-by-nien-schwarz/

Schwarz, N. (2017). -ing. In K. Wilkinson (Ed.), Know Thy Neighbour # 1 (pp. 36-45). Perth: Spaced.


-ing-weeding is presented as a part of International Art Space’s Know Thy Neighbour program

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