carry me, join me

unable to penetrate the fence, we deliver air
carry me,    join me2016participatory project with wetlandsinimitables
  Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillipsthe-nonhuman
In collaboration with 8 human participants and 22 waterbodies 
22 wetlands and 8 participants, 18 water samples (total 40 litres of water) and 22 air samples  $5500
bottles 28 and 12 cm high  
Project: -ing2015201622 inner Perth wetlands 
Exhibition: Carry me,  2016149 Beaufort Street, Perth 

The work of the participants in this social practice project was to convey ‘messages’ of goodwill between wetlands so that a conceptual network of connections could be drawn. Even though many of the waterbodies were highly modified (and many were reconstructed wetlands), they still deserved to be valued biologically and culturally. The shores of the Swan have been greatly changed and many of the wetlands that once existed through Northbridge are no more. This project conceptually linked these isolated places once again.

The –ing essay by Dr Nien Schwarz describes the project further.

You can see a catalogue of the entire Know Thy Neighbour project, including Schwarz’s essay (pages 36 to 45) and also Charity begins at home: reflections on Know Thy Neighbour by Gemma Weston (pages 10 to 15) here.


where I thought the wetlands were


-ing-weeding is presented as a part of International Art Space’s Know Thy Neighbour program

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Window space at 149 Beaufort Street Artist in Residence kindly hosted by North Metropolitan TAFE.
Government of Western Australia North Metropolitan TAFE