Canopy (2014)

Canopy installation

Canopy – into the forest at the Mundaring Arts Centre ran from 3 May to 8 June 2014. The varied artworks in a number of media were connected by their concern for the forests of southwest Western Australia — either perceptually through the experience of living systems or as diverse responses to the economic and psychological consequences of clearing, climate change, dieback and salinity. It included Karri King mixed media drawing, Karri Kings (please don’t tuck me in until I’m yours) digital book and Karri Kings (please don’t tuck me in until I’m yours) digital postcard print.

This project began with two old sets of images. One is of the Karri Log that used to be in Kings Park, taken by Frank Hurley in the late 1950s. Another was a series taken around the town of Pemberton in the 1970s and reproduced in the form of a fold-out postcard. These latter images have been rephotographed at the same location, with the help of the Pemberton community.

Curated by Peggy Lyon and Ashley Yihsin Chang, Canopy included works by Peter Dailey, Mel Dare, Joanne Duffy, Bec Juniper, Norma MacDonald, Clare McFarlane, Alan Muller, Perdita Phillips, Gregory Pryor, Nien Schwarz, Nalda Searles, David Small, Holly Story, Paul Uhlmann, Linda van der Merwe and Philip Ward-Dickson.

See review by Laetitia Wilson