Ashness Bridge


a picture returned to its origin
Ashness Bridge 1999 mixed media installation to place
a picture returned to its origin Artwork, image and photography copyright © Perdita Phillips multiples
dimensions variable various digital prints available edition 7/7 $330.00 each
Installation of Ashness objects, Ashness Bridge, jigsaws, souvenir pictures and chocolate boxes. Digitally scanned slides from ecolgue. Digital print on archival paper.
Project: Ashness Bridge 1999 Ashness Bridge, Lake District
Exhibition: Fieldwork 1999 Hydraulics Lab, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London
Exhibition: Territory: A discussion of Art and Environments 2001 Mandurah Cultural Centre, Western Australia
to collect, objet trouvé, folly, the lab, spatial projects, eclogues


Ashness Bridge, a Lake District tourist spot, became a fascinating laboratory for the tourist use of spaces. The beauty spot is a part of the popular imagination, and a focus of landscape and identity. The image is reproduced many times in tourist souvenirs. Here we have a found photograph returned to its origin and recaptured on film.

 jigsaws, souvenir pictures and chocolate boxes

The interest started when the artist kept finding souvenirs and other imagery. Jigsaws were prominent amongst these. The location of Ashness Bridge had to be found (detail of installation in Territory: A discussion of Art and Environments)


it was cold and snowed small white balls


A flurry of fragments launch themselves outwards from a jigsaw puzzle.  Ashness Bridge is the subject of this investigation, Sampling.  This beauty spot has been captured in the popular imagination a thousand times as a focus of landscape and identity.   Each of the objects attached are a slice of the experience of visiting and sampling this location.  Ashness Bridge is the pinpoint that is walked towards. The location was visited, sampled and re-fragmented, alluding to the slightly differing experiences of each one of the thousands of people who visit it.


coming up the walls like measles


Each jigsaw piece was attached to a sample and exploded in space (detail of installation in Territory: A discussion of Art and Environments)

faded landscape with tripod



Ashness water, bottled


Authentic water samples were taken and used in a laboratory-based exhibition (detail of installation in Territory: A discussion of Art and Environments, collection of the Geography Department, Royal Holloway)