Another Time Table

Another Time Table2014sculptureinimitables
Overall Runner Up, City of Joondalup Community Invitational Art Award Artwork, image and filming © Perdita Phillipsenvironment
120 x 152 x 90 cm  $4950
studio table, plaster, modelling material, motors  
Exhibition: 2014 City of Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award2014The Great Space, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, Joondalup 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that random things that rotate slowly are hypnotic. Combining the aesthetics of model railways, the healing qualities of plaster bandages and the unique appeal of penguins, Another Time Table is an artwork that wryly (if obliquely) reflects upon our environmental paralysis. Displayed in The Great Space, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, as part of the 2014 City of Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award, it was awarded Overall Runner Up.


City of Joondalup Community Art Award 2014
Photograph by Chris Kershaw

Judges’ comments:

This is a cohesive and thought provoking work which has been beautifully executed. In some ways the materials reference the mould-making process through the use of gauze and bandages; these are also reminiscent of bodily injury and of discarded materials, connecting the work to the body and human activity, and serving as a reminder that we are linked to the natural world. There is a sense of playfulness and quaintness in this artwork, which is underpinned with serious intent, making this consistent with the artist’s wider artistic practice.