Aid Being Used to Improve Reception


Tool at Rest
Tool at Rest (Aid Being Used to Improve Reception) 1999 Eclogue. Documentation of site-specific installation to place
Artwork, image and photography copyright © Perdita Phillips multiples
digital print from slide 194 x 291 mm. Aid approximately 40 mm long
edition 7/7 available $440.00
hearing aid
Project: Sociotomy 1997-1999 Greenwich, London
Exhibition: Degree Show 1999 MA Fine Arts 1999 Goldsmiths College, University of London
eclogues, fieldwork


This work is part of a longer series about fieldwork in science, and the relationship between artwork in the field and in the gallery. Tools that alluded to scientific experiments, objects that were used in fieldwork, and samples found when out investigating the streets of London were photographed.

Fieldwork tools are the connection between the observer and the landscape. They are performative devices whose bumps and scars record identity as relations, connections and interactions. They are the junction between commonsense actions in the field and the thinking, the processing and the bringing to conclusion that is done after the data is collected.