A Tour Through the Torheidingen Garten

A vista into the garten
A Tour Through the Torheidingen Garten 2002 sound installation inimitables
A vista into the garten Artwork, image © Perdita Phillips. Photography Acorn Photographers to map
sound installation using portable CD players installation $2200
and 30 minute sound track in 5 versions edition 50/50 cd soundtrack (one random version) $22
11 vinyl transfer images, CD players and soundtracks
Project: Spiral walk 2002 Basel, Switzerland; Huningen, France; Weil am Rhein, Germany
Exhibition: Mnemotech 2002 Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts


A sound project utilising personal walkmans to tour a gallery space. The work was made for the exhibition, Mnemotech, a show about memory, whilst the artist was resident in Germany. The image shows one of 11 stops. The narrative encourages the participant to picture in their minds the wondrous follies of the Torheidingen Garten.

the littleman

The littleman – a statue that appears to be much more important than it really is (referring obliquely to a prominent politician of the time).