.–. / .- / .- (penguin anticipatory archive)

penguin underneath
.–. / .- / .- penguin anticipatory archive 2013 archive (work in progress) inimitables
Artwork, image and photography © Perdita Phillips nonhuman
box 31.5 x 31.5 cm edition of 7/7 available $1100
mixed media drawings and digital prints (work in progress)
Project: .–. / .- / .- 2013 Manly and Kings Cross, Sydney
Exhibition: Novel Ecologies 2013 The Cross Art Projects, Kings Cross, NSW
Exhibition: Horizon: Exploring the West Coast with The Clipperton Project 2015 Fremantle Arts Center, Fremantle

What happens when an archive is for the future and not just the past? This work was an in-progress is a collection of digital images, drawings on tracing paper and rubbings on rice paper which together describe visually issues surrounding the Little Penguin colony at Manly, Sydney.

This artwork was generated as part of the .–. / .- / .- artist in residence with The Cross Art Projects 29 August to 9 September 2013 for the Novel Ecologies exhibition curated by Jasmin Stephens.

A large 27MB file with a selection of images: Penguin Anticipatory Archive .–. / .- / .-

Further details of the P A A project

With thanks to: Jasmin Stephens, Jo Holder, Phillip Boulten, Thom van Dooren, John MacRitchie, John Stockfeld, Belinda Cannell, Lincoln Johnson, Jim Boyce, Director Judy Reizes and the staff at the Manly Environment Centre.