The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre is rolling

The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre (T-SAC) will be presenting a series of exhibitions, performances, and events from the 26th April- 2nd May 2011 during a 6 day train journey from Moscow to Beijing to support and promote new and emerging art internationally.

After months of planning we’ve taken the Trans-Siberian Arts Centre from an idea over a pint to an ARI tour de force and we have over 150 enthusiastic artists who have got involved from far and wide to thank. T-SAC will be open to the public from the  26th April – 2nd May at Carriage 9 of the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing


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See program of events here

T-SAC is directed by artists jon hewitt + britt salt and is the inaugural project for the not for profit artist run initiative KITCHEN.

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