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 Unity through diversity in a vast and awe inspiring universe

Multicultural Cosmology Artworks

Artists interpret stories of cosmology from different cultural perspectives

The Gravity Discovery Center Foundation (Inc.) invites you to the opening ceremony of the Multicultural Cosmology Art Exhibition at the Cosmology Gallery

To be opened by Gary Dufour, Acting Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia & Professor Lyn Beazley, Chief Scientist of Western Australia

Sunday 9th March 2008 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm Gravity Discovery Centre Military Road (off Wanneroo Rd) Gingin

RSVP T: 08 9575 7577 F: 08 9575 7544 bookings@gdc.asn.au www.gdc.asn.au/

Curated by Penny Bovell (ALVA UWA)

Marion Borgelt

Rodney Glick, Chris Hill & Sohan Hayes

Therese Howard

Mabel Juli

Eveline Kotai

Toogarr Morrison

Perdita Phillips

Audrey Satar

David Sequeira

plus “Celestial Visions” astronomical photography exhibition by John Goldsmith



new website


Well the good news is that I have almost finished the new website which we are loading up sometime today. The bad news is that I have to reload all the content from the old website and reformat everything which is taking longer than expected. This applies particularly to recent artworks and writings.

There has been a lot of hard work in the background and we are only just getting around to how the site looks for the viewer. If you see test files in different places this is because we are still getting rid of bugs and cleaning up how things are displayed.

Also all the links in the little tiny square pictures have gone walkies so don’t click on them them just yet.

I have left a link to the old website for things that have not been transferred across yet.


happy hunting



…bird drawings and bird photography for a potential collaboration with poets and writers.


2007 2008 and all that


For me the highlights of last year included finishing the corrections to my thesis and getting the sacred-piece-of-paper that officially endows me with a PhD, working on my Australia Council residency at SymbioticA (called Green, Grey or Dull Silver: art and the behavioural ecology of the Great Bowerbird, Chlamydera Nuchalis), having a work shown in the Systems of Nature exhibition celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Linnaeus, as well as a 7 week walking and art residency at the Banff Centre in Canada.

2007 started with being an artist participant in Shire of Busselton interdisciplinary design team for Busselton Entry Statement followed by guest editing Resilience: on Art and Environments, the ArtSource Autumn 2007 Newsletter. I also worked with anthropologist Jane Mulcock on the thinking skin project about humans and cane toads. I presented an installation showing our thinking skin video at the Animals and Society II: Considering animals conference in Hobart in July.

Since December 2006 I have been working as Conservation Committee Secretary for the Western Australian Wildflower Society and in first semester 2007 I also taught environmental art theory, modernism, visual culture, and art and popular culture at Midland TAFE with a great bunch of students. At other times I was an external examiner to Edith Cowan University undergrad and postgrad students, witnessing some exciting new art.

As part of Green, Grey or Dull Silver I put together an (arduous!) ethics application for The University of Western Australia in June/July which meant that I could begin the project later in the year. I made a field visit to the Broome Bird Observatory in August/September and a further longer visit in November/December. This took up most of the second semester of 2007, and whilst I haven’t completely finished with the fieldwork, the project will no doubt be my major focus in 2008.

Imagine waking up to the pink light of sunrise hitting swirling streaks of snow bleeding off a windswept Rocky Mountain? Imagine its even better because you have a studio and 29 other artists just as passionate about walking art as myself! This was what I experienced on a 7 week long walking and art residency at the Banff Centre in Canada around September-November. It included visiting the famous Burgess Shales where I also discovered vertigo. I joined the Ministry of Walking and caught up with an old friend from my UCSB days. I also met a potential collaborator interested in coming to Western Australia to work on a project. The whole time was an exhilarating experience. All I need to do is have the same fantastic experience with sound art, book arts, humans and animals (nonhuman) and locative media…… (!sigh!)

I am still working on a complete rebuild of my website which was aborted late in the year. I am now paying another company to redo it all in January this year so hopefully more images soon!

In 2008 I am starting the year by experimenting with van dyke prints as part of a (potential) book of poetry and writing called birdlife as well as continuing to build up the empty bank balance with teaching.

And after all this I will glad to be spending time at home in Perth in 2008 in my studio finishing the bowerbird project and other artworks.