Links to samples of A walk for the Sky (John Glenn’s Heartbeat)


A walk for the Sky (John Glenn’s Heartbeat) (2006) from Vade Mecum (see here too) — a combination of in situ recordings and found sound (files).

This 18 minute sound walk has been split into 4 files. Participants played the CD in a personal Walkman with headphones. The intention was to interdigitate the imaginary skies on the CD with the extant streets of Northbridge in the centre of Perth.

Glenn1: Exiting PICA into the Cultural Centre, clouds, weather, beginning of long thunder and rain sequence

7.67 Mb
Glenn2: long thunder and rain sequence, climate change, Australian Prime Minister of the time (John Howard)

7.38 Mb
Glenn3: — recommended track — how hot is it this summer? Long wave then upper atmosphere UHF whistlers

Glenn4: space 1950s and 1960s John Glenn’s heartbeat and return to PICA

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