ernie or bert?

On Wednesday I will be installing a work at the Momentum show at the Perth Centre for Photography. It’s called Unseen work for unwitnessed exhibition: the spatial patchiness of rainfall is a characteristic of Australian arid and semi arid ecosystems and is composed of a contact print, chair, and bunch of spinifex. This was a piece made for an exhibition called Women’s Work when PCP was upstairs in William Street in 1995. In part it is a self portrait. I was living in the Kimberley and never saw the show. Instead I sent down an undeveloped roll of film and a spinifex clump and asked for the spinifex to be installed on an old chair in the gallery. A contact sheet was included on the wall nearby. Now I am in the process of recreating it with the help of two special spinifex gatherers who have sent me 11 bunches! Meet Ernie (on the white chair, smaller and more cat-curled-up-like) and Bert (a larger, greener clump with more seed heads).

ernie bert_1000h

These are the two largest bunches (click on the images). Which do you think is the best spinifex? Please vote by 6am on Wednesday (AWST) and I will take your opinion into consideration when I choose which one for the gallery.

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…and now that I have oodles of spinifex and I will have to make another piece with these beautiful plants…

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