Unity through diversity in a vast and awe inspiring universe

Multicultural Cosmology Artworks

Artists interpret stories of cosmology from different cultural perspectives

The Gravity Discovery Center Foundation (Inc.) invites you to the opening ceremony of the Multicultural Cosmology Art Exhibition at the Cosmology Gallery

To be opened by Gary Dufour, Acting Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia & Professor Lyn Beazley, Chief Scientist of Western Australia

Sunday 9th March 2008 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm Gravity Discovery Centre Military Road (off Wanneroo Rd) Gingin

RSVP T: 08 9575 7577 F: 08 9575 7544

Curated by Penny Bovell (ALVA UWA)

Marion Borgelt

Rodney Glick, Chris Hill & Sohan Hayes

Therese Howard

Mabel Juli

Eveline Kotai

Toogarr Morrison

Perdita Phillips

Audrey Satar

David Sequeira

plus “Celestial Visions” astronomical photography exhibition by John Goldsmith



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