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Art meets Vet Science: cognition, chimeras and conversations

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From the Murdoch University press release:

Dr Perdita Phillips has been named the 2008-2009 Art meets Vet Science Artist in Residence.

She’ll be working alongside scientists, educators, and students to invigorate the learning atmosphere by providing new ideas, ways of thinking, modes of seeing, and contexts for doing.

Dr Phillips brings a strong track record of engaging academic staff and students in creative projects that blur the lines between science and art. Recent projects include Green, grey or dull silver a residency at SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia, which explores research with Bowerbirds and their recognition of shapes and colours, developing artistic maps of animal movements, walking exhibitions that investigated the sense of art and place, and collaborations with an anthropologist into how our society regards cane toads. Blurring the lines between science and art, Dr Phillips’ previous projects have incorporated sculpture, photography, video drawing and sound art.

Her residency at Murdoch University will focus on two key themes: How scientists and artists move between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, like an X-ray and a skeleton, and; the scientific and creative lives of veterinary and biomedical researchers, and the questions and secret passions that drive their investigations.

Dr Phillips will be participating in lectures and discussions, hosting workshops and talks, and maintaining an online blog about her experiences.

The Art Meets Vet Science residency will commence in February 2009 with an exhibition planned for August – September 2009.

This the second residence sponsored by the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust with generous support of their donors.

A lion, an elk, an antelope, a bat and a snake


Chimera 2008 Digital image


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