world listening day feedback


Wonderful to take the time to step out of the usual stream of ‘life matters’ and listen and be present.  Among the many beautiful moments during the walk I found myself also exploring the ‘what if sounds’ in the realm of imagination – what would it have sounded like if I was standing here when that giant limb tore itself from the trunk of that tree and crashed to the ground?  What would it have sounded like if I was in the middle of the lake when that bird started to flap its wings for take off?  What would it have sounded like when there was no background traffic noise?

Because I spend a lot of time in the desert listening – a very quiet landscape – I was surprised at the amount of sound at North Lake – what a busy little place it is!  Lets hope it will be saved from the roadmakers.


Comments by Annamaria Weldon in her online Journal here:

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