Two walks in Perth 17th and 18th July

This year I am organizing two walks in Perth to celebrate World Listening Day. If you wish to participate please let me know

For pics last year’s walk see here:

Walk 1 North Lake, Perth, Western Australia, Sunday 17 July 9:30 am to approximately 10:45 am


When: Sunday 17 July 9:30 am to approximately 10:45 am

Where: Meet at the northern (first) carpark on Progress Drive for a 930 am walk around North Lake with a mix of nonhuman (environmental) sounds and suburban sounds. We are hoping to link up with the Save Beeliar Wetlands and Stop Roe 8 Highway! campaign.

North Lake:,+Western+Australia,+Australia&aq=1&sll=-32.056872,115.741412&sspn=0.003019,0.003895&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=North+Lake+Western+Australia,+Australia&ll=-32.077484,115.824823&spn=0.048291,0.062313&z=14

What to bring: We will be walking on limestone paths and through open bushland in a circuit around the lake. Wear walking shoes and appropriate clothes for the weather.

Walk 2 Night walk in the City of Perth, Western Australia, Monday 18 July, 7:30pm to 8:30pm

A night walk through the centre of Perth chasing sounds of humans, machines and the ever-present environmental phenomena that we live in.

Starting point: Perth Town Hall below the clock tower at precisely 7:30 pm

Please note: Bring your multirider card. Wear walking shoes and appropriate clothes for the weather.

We are still taking suggestions for places to go in Perth so don’t forget to contact me by Sunday 17th

What is a sound walk?

It’s a walk that encourages you to listen and to explore the soundscapes that surrounds us. It allows you to discover familiar environments in a new way, alerting you to things that you might normally take for granted and letting you experience new and unexpected combinations of sounds and places. You will hear human and nonhuman sounds as well as becoming aware your own sounds (voice, footsteps, etc.) in an environmental context.

What is world listening day?

World Listening Day is an annual celebration of our aural landscapes. It is held on 18 July each year, the birthday of Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, who established the World Soundscape Project in the late-60s at Simon Fraser University. Schafer’s 1977 book, The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World was a culminating publication about the research of the WSP that provided a foundation for the interdisciplinary field now known as Acoustic Ecology (for more information see here:

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