Mapping Data: Performing Landscape symposia

Wish I had been there…

multidisciplinary seminar to take place in HUMlab on December 16th.  1-5pm.
16 December 2009, 1 – 5pm, ?HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden

The seminar  explored questions such as: How does GPS affect our understanding of landscape? What are the cultural implications of GPS and GIS for the audience and for the mapmaker? How do we annotate and story tell? How can geographical data be explored, compared, analysed and animated over time?


  • Paul Arthur, HUMlab Research Fellow. Virtual Perth, Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative.
  • Jen Southern, Artist, University of Lancaster, UK. — Jen Southern (UK), Jen Hamilton and Chris St Amand (Canada) had done Running Stitch artwork for Umea as part of the Open Source Embroidery exhibition at BildMuseet
  • Per Sandström, SLU, Forest Resource Management.?Fredrik Palm, QVIZ, HUMlab, Umeå University (uses GPS to track reindeer movement in Sweden)

Southern, Hamilton & St Amand (2009) Running Stitch, Umea (HUMlab detail)

Southern, Hamilton & St Amand (2009) Running Stitch, Umea (HUMlab detail).

This seminar was supported by HUMlab in partnership with BildMuseet at Umeå University.

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