April 18 – Lake Clifton Festival


A message from Mandurah:

Let’s get passionate about

a silent, patient, unique

and quite extraordinarily beautiful space in Mandurah

that was recently recognised by one of the world’s foremost landscape writers as the most spectacular place he has ever visited.

About the fact that one of its natural features* created the very first oxygen molecules on earth – without which you and I would not be here today.

About its aboriginal mythology – created by the female waughal whilst her male counterpart created the Swan River.

About its threatened ecology* – recently listed as ‘critically endangered’ by the Federal Minister for the Environment – a wake-up call if ever there was one.


artists, environmental groups, colleagues, musicians and local residents

and get passionate about

Lake Clifton

at the

Lake Clifton Festival

Sunday 18 April

from 10 am

In the grounds of Cape Bouvard Wines – via Lakeside Parkway or Clifton Downs Road.

Bring the family, bring the picnic basket, buy a bottle of vino/lunch and enjoy the music, art, walks and surrounds…

*thrombolites – very rare and now endangered

Please distribute this notice to your networks – thank you

Jane Tillson, Arts & Cultural Development Officer, City of Mandurah – 9550 3842

Download flyer Lake Clifton Flyer

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